Updates June 28, 2017


Ballots were mailed out last week  and must be returned/received at CSEA Headquarters by July 20th, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.  The count will take place on Monday, July 24th.  Be certain to note your CSEA Membership ID number on the outside of the envelope.  Without a membership number, your vote will NOT be counted.  If you need to locate your number, go to www.cseany.org and click on “Look up your CSEA ID” in the upper right-hand corner of the home page.  Agency Shop (non-members) are not eligible to vote, and you must have been a member in good standing one month prior to ballots being mailed (May 21) in order to receive a ballot.


Our annual visit to Enchanted Forest/Water Safari is scheduled for Saturday, July 22nd.  Reservations must be received by July 14th, so please mail them early.  We have a large group from our Local every year because it’s such a great time – plenty of food, great water rides and lunch/dinner are both included in the price.  See the link below for further information and to register.

2017 Water Safari


At a recent meeting, a member complained that they were “tired of hearing about the Triborough Amendment and the Constitutional Convention.”  So I guess that means I’m doing my job.  Because if/when the day ever comes that we have to face losing the Triborough Amendment or have to suffer through a Constitutional Convention, our Local members will know how/why either of those things would be devastating and what that means for them.  Hopefully, neither of those things will ever happen.

In that vein, I will be sending and resending information on the proposed Constitutional Convention repeatedly between now and November 7th.  It is that important.  It’s your reminder to education your family, friends, neighbors, etc., as to what devastating effects it could have on you and your family and how much of a waste of our taxpayer dollars it would be:

On Election Day 2017, November 7th, voters in New York will be given a referendum on the ballot regarding a proposed New York State Constitutional Convention to be held in the future.  The vote this year will be whether there should be a Constitutional Convention in the future (see attached timeline).  We must educate all of our members, families and friends about the risks and costs involved, particularly as State employees.  What type of risks?  Changes to our pensions, union rights and more.  Who would make these decisions?  Only those that could afford an expensive campaign to be voted in as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention.  See the attached flyers for more information, facts and a timeline, and then talk with your family and friends – New York State does NOT want or need a Constitutional Convention!

Constitutional Convention Information

Constitutional Convention Timeline


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